Helga Zepp-LaRouche New Year Message: The Chinese Dream Offers the Whole World a Beautiful Perspective for the Future

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by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

President Xi JinPing has revived the Silk Road spirit of two thousand years ago, and is offering the whole world a win-win cooperation to revitalize the world economy. Already, sixty nations have welcomed the cooperation in the “One Belt-One Road” policy, and new financial institutions, such as the AIIB and New Development Bank of the BRICS. President Xi said:

“We have a responsibility to fulfill the dream of humanity. Instead of being against each other, we have to work together as states. For that, we need trust and unity. We must characterize the old methods as unsuitable for the 21st century. Each country is like a small light, but if we bring them all together we can light up the nightly sky.”

President Xi has also offered to the United States to cooperate in this perspective, and the cooperation between the two most powerful economies of the world is the most important since, together, these two great nations could tackle any problem in the world. It is also clear that in the age of nuclear weapons, war cannot be a means of conflict resolution if we do not want to risk the extinction of the human species. Let us therefore work together to overcome geopolitics forever and replace old methods with the common aims of Mankind, such as the eradication of hunger and poverty from our planet; the joint development of fusion power and, with that, reach energy and raw material security for all; and joining together in space exploration to safeguard our planet into the future by understanding deeper and better how our solar system and galaxy actually function.

Let’s join hands together for a beautiful future of Mankind and a turn toward good fortune in the year of Monkey.