Diane Sare: For the Year of the Dragon, A Campaign for Peace on Earth


February 9, 2024—Billions of people across the globe are watching in horror and spiritual agony as the British and American-backed Netanyahu regime moves to eliminate up to 2.3 million Palestinian people in Gaza. Millions have demonstrated in the streets from London to Washington to Istanbul demanding a halt to the killing of innocents, including thousands of children. The question is not only how do we stop this senseless slaughter, but how do we lift mankind to a new level where violence against other human beings becomes a thing of the past?

The United States, which declared the first successful anti-colonial revolution against the British Empire in 1776, has a crucial role to play in bringing a new paradigm into existence. But 60 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we have lost our way. In fact, the capitulation of the American people to the Warren Commission cover-up and everything which followed it, including the jailing of America’s most qualified presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, has had its intended result: we have unfortunately become the new, nuclear-armed British Empire on capable of annihilating the entire planet.

Yet, we find ourselves facing the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes where the rotten imperialist system based in the City of London and Wall Street is nearing its desperate end and a new system which upholds the inalienable rights of Man and the perfect sovereignty of each nation can now become the new order of the planet.  But our own beloved republic, which should embody these principles, has instead become the enforcer of everything all free people abhor.

My campaign for U.S. Senate from New York has therefore become a nationwide effort to ensure that the entire program of Lyndon LaRouche for peace and development is adopted as policy by the United States Government and that the true mission of our nation is restored.

For those not familiar, this means the immediate reinstatement of the FDR-era Glass-Steagall Act (and the bankrupting and prosecution of the banksters who made this mess), followed by the replacement of the Federal Reserve with a National Bank which would fund urgently needed great projects to increase the productivity of the American workforce, augmented by a crash program to develop a fusion-powered economy. All of this would most efficiently be done in concert with other nations including China, currently the most productive nation on the planet, as well as Russia, and many others. We must adhere to former Secretary of State and President John Quincy Adams’ admonition to not go abroad in “search of monsters to destroy,” but to come together, as John F. Kennedy proposed, to advance the “freedom of man.”

What better state from which to launch such a campaign than the great State of New York, where our first President, George Washington, was inaugurated, and from whence Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay issued the Federalist Papers, laying the basis for our Constitution?

My campaign is dedicated to unifying our nation from New York and making her a trusted partner in the new paradigm already underway, as the BRICS-plus process indicates. We shall restore the great Island of Manhattan from the stinking cesspool of degeneracy and financial dictatorship typified by former clients of the late Jeffrey Epstein, to a gleaming “City on the Hill” of commerce, culture, and a dialogue of civilizations of which Americans can be proud.

What better way to bring in the Year of the Dragon with the inauguration of a new era or world peace and the brotherhood of man.