The purpose of art is to celebrate and strengthen the noblest state of mind which the individual person can achieve, and to aid thus in making us better people. It is a contribution best and most naturally celebrated in the manner agape prescribes, by an intensification of that anti-erotic quality of emotion we associate with childlike “tears of joy.”

The most precious gift we may receive, is the means to bring forth the force of agape to rule our minds, and guide our actions, at will. Artistic beauty is a lever by means of which we are enabled to do just that. That is the purpose of art in general, and music in particular, according to the Classical Idea.

-Lyndon LaRouche

LaRouche: "The Classical Idea: Natural and Artistic Beauty" (PDF)

"The strict usage of the term 'classic' within the modern Western European tradition arises from former policies of education which placed the emphasis upon the Greek and Latin classics. 'Classic' values signified reference to the idea of beauty associated with ancient, 'classical' Athens."

The True Scientific Tuning

"You have to bring about something which we've lost in the United States. You have to build a certain kind of harmony, a human harmony where people of different talents become part of a common chorus, and the idea of the parts, the unity of the parts, the cooperation of the parts of the common chorus is the principle of a republican nation."

Introduction to the Schiller Institute

The Schiller Institute is named after the German 'Poet of Freedom', Friedrich Schiller,who emphasized the role of classical art in the development and ennoblement of the individual, and thereby the crucial role of the classical arts in regards to statecraft, in providing essential elements of human nature that are urgently needed for the promotion of human progress.

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