Defend the Yellow River!

The Schiller Institute Chorus performs “Defend the Yellow River” from the Yellow River Cantata on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surrender in 1945.

ANNOUNCER: Sons and daughters of China, who is willing to be slaughtered like pigs and sheep? We must resolve to be victorious, to defend the Yellow River! To defend northern China! To defend all of China!

CHORUS: The wind howls, horses neigh, the Yellow River roars!

To the west stands a towering hill, East and north of the river, sorghum has ripened.

Amid thousands of mountain clusters are many heroes of the anti-Japanese resistance!

Inside green muslin tents there are valiant guerrilla warriors!

Armed with local guns and foreign-made guns, waving large knives and long spears, they defend our hometowns!

Defend the Yellow River! Defend northern China! Defend all of China!