Petition Campaign: Put the LaRouche Plan to Save the World Economy on the Agenda!

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Campaign for signatures Statement issued by the Schiller Institute, October 21, 2009, updated November 1, 2009.


The hour of truth has come. The same zombie banks that have driven the world economy to the brink of total chaos, and deprived hundreds of millions of people of the means of existence, that have shifted the costs of the destruction onto the taxpayers, and saddled the public budgets with astronomical debt, are at it again, engaging in high-risk operations and paying mega-bonuses to their managers.

The real economy is in a free fall, internationally, massive lay-offs are throwing people into despair, and the number of hungry people has gone over the one billion mark for the first time. The de facto policy of genocide being implemented, with the intention of reducing the Earth’s population from 7 billion to 2 billion people as an anti-crisis measure, threatens all mankind.

Following a short period of panic, in October 2008, when calls for a new financial architecture were heard, the financial powers of the British Empire reasserted themselves completely at the three G20 Summits in Washington, London, and Pittsburgh, and demonstrated that governments are simply the enforcement agencies of the banks. The urgently needed reorganization was prevented and the systemic crisis got even worse. We are now faced with a new mega-crash, and an imminent hyperinflationary explosion. A casino economy cannot bring the world out of the crisis.

And, the most incredible of all, is that no analysis of the causes of this crisis has been made, even though it threatens to become the greatest challenge in the history of mankind. Rather than facing the fact that the entire caste of economists has failed miserably, the various experts are making the absurd claim that no one could have forecast the crisis, and that everyone was taken by surprise. Or, alternatively, all kinds of investment advisors and so-called gold bugs now claim they had long warned of the crisis.

The truth is that many people in high-placed positions, as well as ordinary citizens in many countries, know that there is one man who foresaw the crisis a long time ago: Lyndon LaRouche. To cite just one example among many, Massimo Pini, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Italian state company IRI, a government advisor and close friend of former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi, wrote in the January 2008 issue of the Italian monthly Area, that Lyndon LaRouche was the only economist who had in fact forecast the catastrophe in many, many publications, and that at a time when no one else suspected such a thing.

As anyone interested in the truth can verify for himself, LaRouche has warned of the systemic crisis since 1971, and at every branching point where decisions were made to strengthen the monetarist system, he warned of the dangers involved and, especially since the beginning of the 1990s, of the coming systemic crisis.

Over 12 years ago, the Ukrainian economist Natalia Vitrenko and the President of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, released a call for the new Bretton Woods System proposed by LaRouche, which has since been signed by many thousands of people in important institutions on five continents.

It is now of existential importance to grapple with the economic method that allowed Lyndon LaRouche to recognize the systemic errors of monetarism, because this method is a reliable guarantee for finding a way out of the crisis. In this crisis, we should definitely not listen to those who were surprised by the crisis, and who have learned nothing in the meantime.

The basis exists, and it is urgently necessary, for the Four Power Agreement between the USA, Russia, China and India, which LaRouche has proposed, to be realized. These leading nations, first and foremost, must unite their efforts for a radical reform of the world financial and monetary system, eliminating speculative financial bubbles (derivatives). These countries must ensure, for mankind, that the world monetary system is subordinated to the power of sovereign nations. These countries must create a new credit system, to provide long-term investments in national economies. And the main project should be to build the Eurasian land-bridge.

The fate of humanity is hanging by a thread. What we urgently need is an open discussion on the forecasts and solutions of Lyndon LaRouche. As the former President of Mexico, Lopez Portillo, put it already in 1998: It is time to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche!

I support this call.