A Heartbeat Is Heard In Asia

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
October 30, 2009

As the recent negotiations between Russia and China have shown, the only way in which the presently accelerating, global breakdown-crisis of the world economy could be avoided now, is through a combination of shutting down the kind of intrinsically hyper-inflationary monetarist system set into motion by incoming Federal Reserve Chairman and his crew, following the October 1987, Hoover-style crash of the stock exchange system. This could be done successfully, through shutting down the failed post-1987 system of Alan Greenspan, et al., by a turn away from present monetarist policies, toward a return to the U.S. Constitutional credit-system as it had been restored under the direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Now, Russia and China have made an important, and massively impressive step in that same direction. It is time for the U.S.A., to come to its senses, and follow.

As the participants departed from the Rhodes Seventh Annual Session of the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” on this recent October 12th, a hopeful heart-beat of economic recovery was about to be heard among the three world-giants of Eurasia: Russia, China, and India. This hopeful development occurs now at the same time as an accelerating global economic breakdown-crisis of the present, “post-Keynesian” world monetarist system enters a new, greatly accelerated phase of oncoming world economic breakdown-crisis, which now dominates affairs throughout the Americas, western and central Europe, and central Asia, and still predominates in Africa.

That encouraging heartbeat heard from Russia and China, tells us that the world, although still in a state of a mortal peril, is not dead yet. While the sick man of trans-Atlantic political-economy enters what must appear to all competent economists as the almost certainly, terminal phase of its existence, during the weeks and months ahead, developments such as those which have erupted in Eurasia during the last two weeks of October, could still be the hopeful process of recovery which could save the world economy as a whole.

The shocking element of truth in what Russia and China have accomplished during the recent two weeks, points implicitly to the ways of thinking which are exerting a top-down force of incompetence in ways of thinking which have continued to exert controlling influence over the nations of the Americas and of Western an Central Europe now. Despite that mass-strike quality of contempt for President Obama, and his henchmen, among a mass-strike process which prevails among the greatly injured majority of the U.S. under the present Obama regime, the reins of political power are still in the hands of such foreign controllers of the infamously lying, virtually Tony Blair puppet President Obama, as the circles of both the former British Prime Minister, and of those same Wall-Street London circles whose ancestors put Adolf Hitler and his Blair-Obama-like, pro-genocidal, “health-care”policies and proposed initiatives into power in Hitler’s Germany earlier.

Presently, the only way in which the United States could survive the present Obama-led dive into national-political suicide, is to bring the U.S.A. itself into the role of a keystone partner in a project of the type exemplified by the most recent steps of economic cooperation between China and Russia.

Events have now shown, that were I President, that rescue would happen, and, assuming that I were not assassinated as Presidents Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy were assassinated by the same foreign enemies (and their U.S. accomplices), this rescue of the United States’ economy, and those of our partners, could be accomplished quickly now. Any President fit to be President under these present circumstances, would be obliged to do the same that I would do.

What You Must Understand

The lesson which needs, urgently, to be learned, is the nature of that popular stupidity, which reigns, shared, within popular opinion among our republic’s predators and their victims alike. This is a point which I have recently emphasized more than I had done publicly ever before, respecting the importance of the principle stated as the conclusion of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “A Defence of Poetry.” As Gottfried Leibniz, more than a century-and-a-quarter earlier than Shelley’s essay was written, had pointed out the essential stupidity underlying the total failure of Rene Descartes and his followers in matters of science, Leibniz showed that the guiding forces controlling the universe’s reactions to exertion of the human will, are to be located under the topical heading of Leibniz’s notion of dynamics, as dynamics pertains not only to the nature of the efficiency of laws pertaining to physical processes generally, but also, as Shelley emphasized in his “A Defence of Poetry,” processes of mass social behavior.

When that creature known as an individual person, says, these days: “But, I am a free thinker,” the gods laugh with tears of pity streaming down their cheeks. That poor creature believes in the nonsense shared among those who rely on a close relationship of their beliefs to “popular opinion,” even when all evidence shows that opinion, such as prevalent pro-monetarist opinion today, to be utterly ruinous in its effects on both that person, and those who think as he, or she does. All failed societies, are in fact, examples of the results built into the behavioral traits of similarly misguided popular opinion and codes of behavior, dynamically.

A post-Franklin Roosevelt U.S.A., is a case of the effects of such perverted types of mass-behavior rooted in what is generally shared as “popular belief.” The post-John F. Kennedy U.S.A. was far more wildly, and increasingly foolish than the U.S.A. of the post-Franklin Roosevelt decades.

Therefore, we must see the good news just recently radiating from Asia, as being the fact that Russia and China have taken a step of freedom from those opinions which have been sending both the Americas and western and central Europe to the present brink of a world-wide new dark age for all mankind.

The actions which they have taken, thus far, are, in fact, congruent with my own use of my uniquely successful capabilities as a long-range economic forecaster over decades, in my rejecting the essentially silly practice of usually taught doctrines of statistical forecasting. I have employed a Riemannian approach to economy which is rooted in the same underlying principles as those made famous for physical science generally by the leading followers of Riemann during the Twentieth Century, both Albert Einstein, and the enormously fertile mental practice of Academician V. I. Vernadsky, and his immediate associates.

Since my first publication of this method of forecasting in physical-scientific terms, as I did in my opening U.S. Presidential campaign for Democratic nomination in January 1996, my forecasts have been presented, explicitly, in terms of three primary physical-economic causal factors. This method, known as the “Triple Curve” principle, had already been in use by my work as an economist since my mid-1956 study of the then -onrushing conditions for a late-Winter 1957 deep recession. The use of the “Triple Curve” since January 1996, made the test simpler and more precise.

The failure of nearly all academic and related approaches to economic forecasting has been rooted, chiefly, in the application of what are fairly classed as Cartesian methods addressed on the purely monetarist forms of behaviorist presumptions associated with purely monetarist assumptions respecting the nature of “economic value,” in contrast to that reality, that the only competent measure of economic performance of societies, or of the world at large, is found in the relative increase of the potential relative population-density of a society, a benefit achieved largely through the improvement of those creative-intellectual powers typified by the improvement of the Classical-artistic and physical-scientific creative powers of the individual within the reigning culture of a specific society.

The method of the Triple Curve (below), which I have developed, avoids the typical reasons for failure of all generally taught empiricist dogma respecting economies and their performances.

The great world-wide crisis which menaced both Russia and China, among many neighboring nations within Eurasia, was an effect of the systemic errors built into the prevailing international monetary system; but the crucially important effect was within the domain of the relative increase, or decrease of the physical-productive powers of labor, as measured per capita and square kilometer. Policies respecting the creation and use of money, must, therefore, be the subject of physical economy, rather than that other way around which has guided the entirety of the planet into the ruinous condition coming upon us all, today.