Webcast Excerpt: LaRouche Updates Triple Curve


"To get at some of the technical questions here: Let’s talk about this, just a minute from now. This Triple Curve, which I’ve used as a pedagogical device since about the beginning of 1996. I’ll discuss some of these difficult matters here. It explains itself, and this will be on the website [www.larouchepac.com] in many ways, again and again. The point is, you have three basic parameters you have to look at, In order to understand how our economy is functioning. The lower curve, the one that’s descending – These are all in terms of per capita rates – We have been descending in terms of employment in productive labor, such as agriculture, infrastructure, basic physical production, over this period, per capita. The percentile of the total throughput of the economy has been declining in these terms. We’ve also had an increase in the monetary aggregates, and the financial aggregates. Now, what has happened is, we are building up a monetary debt, built at a skyrocketing rate, relative to a declining actual physical output in production,which you can see in any community. How many factories are there? How many farms are there? What’s the level of productivity? What is it? Is it backward, or is it progressive? Is it technological progress? What’s the effect of the loss of the automobile industry, in this physical output relationship? Now, at the same time, we have had essentially, since 1966, we have had a skyrocketing increase, under the influence of the Vietnam war economy, a skyrocketing increase in the amount of monetary obligation. We have also had an increase in the financial aggregates. What has happened now, is, that we have moved to a period, which these values – as you will see, the financial aggregates have begun to fall. This decline in financial aggregates, which has occurred just recently, in this last period, is the onset of the breakdown crisis. So, we are dealing with this kind of situation, not what you are reading in the newspapers. This is also what I presented, back in 2007, in defining the problem which we face now. Either we fix this problem, as I described it, or we don’t make it as a nation."