LaRouche: “Pick a Destiny!”


Question: My question to you is this: What do we do, To transmit to the majority of the world's youth, who only live in the present, and do so very badly, the idea, that they have a real, concrete and effective future, based only on cultivating the creative capabilities of their mind, thank you!

LaRouche: I think it is fairly simple, based upon what I already have said today - Let's take the space program. We need to get at the heart of these matters, in an exemplary way, an exemplary way that should also be a highly practical way. I think the objective, because it involves a concept, of a change in the image of what man is.

When you go to constant acceleration, as a required modality, in flight of human beings from one planet to another, you are operating in a completely new kind of domain, the domain of the relativistic relations, relativistic travel, transport. This is a great challenge, because you have to think about when you are getting out of one gravity situation on earth, into this kind of artificial gravity. You are in a relativistic environment. Your definitions, your terms of thinking about the same old things you knew before, are now presented in a new way. The human race eventually has to live in the universe.

We have to live in the solar system. We have to live in the Galaxy, in the longer term. We have to face the challenges this represent. You have to think like an immortal person. That is to think in such a term, that you are thinking about mankind in the distant future, and you are thinking about your place in relation to mankind in the distant future, and even distant planets. Because you are looking for something in yourself, which has permanent value. We are all mortal. We are born, and we die. We are not animals. We are creative, thinking creatures. The meaning of our life does not lie in our biological existence as such, it lies in the meaning for humanity, before us, and after us, in what our lives have contributed to the existence of humanity as a whole. We have to see ourselves as human, in that way.

Therefore the best way, the practical way, is always to look ahead. To look as far ahead, as you can look, into the future. And see, what you must do for the future, so that your hand is at the tiller, long after you are dead, in that way. Obviously, if you are going to chart a course, you have to chart a good choice of course. So, pick one! Pick a destiny! Pick a destiny two generations, three generations, four generations before (beyond) you life today. Try to reach that far. Try to make something, that you do something that contributes to the future of humanity. Find your identity in the future of humanity after death. Commit the kind of acts, and kind of development, that mean that. And act accordingly, because that is the secret of true happiness. That is the pursuit of happiness, as understood by Leibniz, as recorded in his second reply to Locke, which became the cornerstone of our Constitution. First, through the Declaration of Independence, where it is the meaning of our existence as a nation. This was reflected, again, in the Preamble of the Constitution, in its own way.

We have to be immortal. We have to assume, be immortal, by assuming immortal responsibilities. Reach beyond our own life, to what we can do now, which will touch in a beneficial way, generations of people after we are dead. In that way you know, you are immortal. If you think like that, you know, you are immortal. If you can act like that, you do even better.