We Need the Confidence and Strength of International Cooperation to Fight the Virus

[source: People’s Daily; published in China Daily April 4, 2020]

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

No one could imagine that the novel coronavirus could bring such changes to the world. The determined efforts of China resulted in firm action, effectively controlling the epidemic, with WHO’s Director-General calling China’s measures the standard for fighting the virus. Some Western countries are now also implementing some of these measures and have adopted zero tolerance toward those who violate them.

The series of actions taken by the Chinese government received the strong support of the Chinese people. More than 40,000 medical workers rushed to help in Hubei, expressing the wholehearted spirit of solidarity of the Chinese people everywhere, and full confidence in the government. It’s hard to imagine how widespread the virus might have been today without the successful measures China had taken.

At the present stage of the epidemic, China has provided medical aid and equipment to 127 countries and four international organizations, and dispatched 13 medical groups to 11 countries.

Although each country still face many difficulties in fighting the virus, China’s strong reaction and spirit of determination in fighting the virus will provide a standard for international cooperation in that fight, benefiting other countries in their fight.

With regard to the intensification of the international economic crisis, overcoming the epidemic is not only an issue of restoring health to humanity, but also of creating economic prosperity. China supports the activity of the World Health Organization, working together with every country to perfect the world health system, promoting a strong and orderly return to work and production, and ensuring the openness, the stability and the security of the global industrial supply chain. China’s knowledge and action is united, and all parties together can build the Health Silk Road and construct a community of health for mankind which will surely inject strong confidence and strength into the international cooperation in fighting the epidemic.