Make the New Silk Road global in 2018!

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This New Year – 2018 A.D. – has the potential for ushering in a profound change for mankind. It offers to become a year of decision and optimism for the future.

An unstoppable dynamic was introduced in 2013, when President Xi Jinping inaugurated steps for creating a Silk Road process of land, sea, and space collaboration, the so-called Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It gives hope that nations can collaborate on a principle of mutual development – ‘a shared future of mankind’ in President Xi’s words. It gives hope that a world dominated for centuries by the rules of the empire, as expressed today by the British rules of geopolitics, zero-sum games, survival of the fit in the guise of “free trade” – a uni-polar world – will come to an end.

But for this to happen, decisions will have to be made, the right ones. The question is, will we be able to get the necessary changes in time, particular in the US and Western Europe, before we have a blow-out of the bankrupt financial system; will we be able to succeed in defeating the forces of the old paradigm, centered in the City of London and Wall Street, and thwart their coup efforts against the Trump presidency? Can we move in time to secure a joint future for humanity?

With China’s proposal for building a New Silk Road, with the inclusion of all nations, alongside President Trump, who wishes to reach out to China and Russia and to break the cycle of conflict and the threat of war, the possibility exists of replacing the dying western system with what the founder of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, calls “a new paradigm for mankind”: a world-wide cultural and scientific renaissance, including cooperation in space exploration, a science-driver fusion program, and the effective ending of poverty on a global scale.

The prospect of the consolidation of a new paradigm of international cooperation is bright, one which can free the world from the dangers of war inherent in the strategic instability of imperial geopolitics.

The next months will be crucial in deciding the future, in deciding whether or not the United States will join with Russia and China in adopting a “win-win” vision of international cooperation at the heart of the Silk Road process.

As Helga LaRouche precisely stated December 28: “I’m very optimistic it can be won, but it requires activity: We’re not experiencing dialectical materialism, or historical materialism, where positive events are just taking on a life of their own; because it is always the subjective factor which plays a very large role, and one place you can see this very clearly is in the person of Xi Jinping, who has really given an already positive Chinese development, a complete upgrade, and a complete transformation into a new paradigm. And we would need such people in the West to do likewise….”

In 2018 a number of Lyndon LaRouche’s writings will be translated for the first time into Chinese – a crucial, indispensable part to the success of this process – to be posted regularly on

Join us in this year of hope and decision in spreading the “Silk Road Spirit”!

Leni Rubinstein