British Crown’s Depopulation Pope: CBE Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

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The “climate expert” who presented to the world the Catholic Pope’s capitulation to the global warming swindle, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), has been directly deployed by the British Crown since at least 2004 on missions to bring governments into line on “climate and environmental protection.” He is also a member of the Club of Rome, which burst upon the world 45 years ago with a systems-analysis computer model of the future of the human species—Limits to Growth—which was proven to be, and later admitted to be, a fraud based on a deliberate “deletion” of human technological progress.

In the rush of fame which accompanied Schellnhuber’s Mephistophelian role in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, he has emphasized that he took a hard line among other Papal advisors regarding the document: It had not only to accept global warming, but attribute it entirely to mankind’s activities. On the other hand, Schellnhuber has tried hard to deny that he brought the demand for population reduction into the Vatican; but he is on the record. At the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit, for which he organized on behalf of Prince Charles of Britain, Schellnhuber claimed in his public presentation that the Earth’s “carrying capacity” would allow a human population of only about 1 billion.
For a mathematical physicist unknown to the public until very recently, Schellnhuber has a wide variety of titles, including those above. He is a member of the global-warming “authority,” the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He was the German government’s Chief Advisor on Climate during Germany’s 2007 EU Council Presidency; he is also an Advisory Board member at Deutsche Bank. He directs the German government’s Advisory Council on Global Climate Change, which in turn is directing Germany’s suicidal “exit from nuclear power.” He is recently a member of the Vatican Academy of Sciences.

After having founded the Potsdam Institute on Climate (PIK), Schellnhuber was brought to the United Kingdom in 2002, to assume the post of Research Director at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in Norwich, a branch of Oxford University’s Tyndall Center. He was also brought on to the Oxford University Physics Department and the Environmental Change Institute. He was at the “authoritative” East Anglia Climatic Research Unit when it was found that global warming researchers there were exaggerating their data for purposes of influencing energy policy. Schellnhuber organized a Nobel Prize holders’ “Conference on Global Sustainability” in 2011, and arrogantly commented then about the East Anglia scandal, “When one has become a Nobel Prize winner .. . one is permitted to speak about moral standards, for then, when one has ‘been knighted,’ so to speak, one is raised above any doubt. . .”

A Series of Royal Missions

Schellnhuber is one of a team of royal “climate advisors” deployed globally by the Crown, including Prince Philip’s advisors Martin Palmer and Sir David Attenborough. In early 2004, Queen Elizabeth II considered Professor Schellnhuber as the best man for a sensitive operation to pressure President George W. Bush into agreeing to the anthropogenic climate-change swindle. Schellnhuber traveled to Washington, D.C. along with Prime Minister Tony Blair’s top science advisor, Sir David King, who is now the British Crown’s Special Representative for Climate Change, appointed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in September 2013. The Bush White House reportedly formally complained to British Prime Minister Blair about this mission.

Also in 2004, the Queen traveled to Berlin to open a British-Germany conference on environmental protection and it was there that she dubbed Schellnhuber a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

In 2005, Blair turned to Schellnhuber to organize a conference on “Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change,” at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. With Professor Schellnhuber as chairman of the advisory board, the European Climate Foundation (ECF), from 2007 on, generously funded German “climate activists” while at the same time, Schellnhuber was working with the EU Commission on guidelines for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In 2009, Schellnhuber, in close collaboration with Prince Charles, coordinated preparations for the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference (COP15). Preparations included another mission to Washington, this time to personally press the Obama Administration on the urgency of the monarchy’s global “decarbonization” intent. Schellnhuber’s work here was easy: Obama’s Science Advisor was and is depopulation champion John Holdren, a long-time associate and collaborator of Schellnhuber and a Paul Ehrlich follower who worked with Margaret Mead on the first “global warming” conference in 1975. (Obama himself has more recently confessed his doting admiration for anti-human population guru Sir David Attenborough’s work.) The Copenhagen conference nonetheless failed, after representatives of developing and emerging countries—and the Vatican—realized that the intention behind the climate question was massive population reduction.

Master Plan for Feudal Oligarchy

Schellnhuber’s most successful Crown deployment, prior to the conquest of Pope Francis, was his role as German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s energy advisor and head of the German Government Advisory Council on Global Change (WGBU). Shellnhuber bears the main responsibility for inducing Merkel to make the climate-change question the top agenda item during Germany’s presidency of the EU in 2007—something which not only wrecked Germany as an industrial nation, but also seriously compromised Merkel’s personal integrity as a scientist.

And in 2011, in his capacity as chairman of the WBGU, Shellnhuber presented a master plan for a “World in Transition: A Social Contract for a Great Transformation,” a proposal for establishing a worldwide eco-fascist order, published March 17, 2011 by the WGBU.

Here Schellnhuber said, “The requisite decarbonisation of energy systems means that the pressure is on to act, not just in the industrialised countries, but also in the dynamically growing newly industrialising and developing countries. Even the poorer developing countries must veer towards a low emission development path in the medium term. The era of fossil energy carrier reliant economic growth must be brought to an end.” [emphasis added]

A fundamental overhaul of the UN to make it a world environmentalist government did not exceed his “knightly” ambition:

“Considering the scale of the described challenges of the transformation, the WBGU believes that there are plenty of arguments for an even more radical approach that would go beyond the existing UN architecture, a fundamental restructuring of the organisation. Currently, this does not seem feasible in political terms, as it would need a political leadership that is guided by a profound realisation of vital global necessities, for example, in the UN Security Council as well as other industrialised and newly industrialising countries.

“If this were the case, a reform should start with a review of the UN Charter, and aim for a completely restructured United Nations organisation. Its purpose would be to take the planetary guard rails into account as a guiding principle that governs UN actions, and the pursuit of which would guarantee protection of climate and environment as much as peace, security and development.”

Orders were issued to the BRICS nations and to other nations in Asia, Africa and South America to give up their nuclear programs:

“Several countries are currently planning to increase their use of nuclear energy. The WBGU urgently advises against this, above all because of the not negligible risk of serious damages, the still unresolved issues concerning final storage, and the danger of uncontrolled proliferation. Existing plants should be replaced by sustainable energy technologies as soon as possible, and, in the case of evident safety deficiencies, be closed down immediately. However, the phase out of nuclear energy must not be compensated by renewed or intensified brown or black coal-based energy generation.”

And for his Nobel Prize holders’ conference “on global sustainability” that year, Schellnhuber wrote in a statement, “Unsustainable production, consumption, and population growth endanger the carrying capacity of the planet to sustain human activity.” And under the subhead, “Reducing the Pollution of Human Beings,” this Schellnhuber document continued, “Consumption, inefficient use of raw materials, and inappropriate technologies are the main reasons for the growing human burden on the planet. Population growth must be addressed.”

Seeing Promethean Fire as Pollution

On May 3 of this year, in an interview in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Schellnhuber broadened the denunciation to “fire” in general, echoing the rejection of Promethean fire in the encyclical Laudato Si’ which he co-wrote for Pope Francis. “In the age of fire, mankind has grown to a certain planetary power…” he said. “And thus we are steering on in complete ignorance of the firewalls of the planetary system. Is there an alternative course? There are many! But all require, not reform, but rather the early defeat of the fossil-nuclear complex.”

Schellnhuber then proposed the remaking of representative democracy: The propagation of international environmental protection legislation through the UN; and the reservation of 5-10% of the seats in national parliaments for appointed “ombudsmen for the rights of future generations.” These ombudmen, he suggested, would organize referenda against the energy policies of the “fossil-nuclear complex.”

These statements characterizing the human species as planetary pollution, and population growth as destroying the planet, indicate the reason for HansJoachim Schellnhuber’s great usefulness for the British oligarchy, his positions at the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, on international committees, and his imposition on Chancellor Merkel’s government and the Vatican by the British Crown.