To Fulfill the Mission of Presidency, Obama Must Be Dumped and All Remnants of the Bush League Eliminated

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March 26 (EIRNS)—To restore the mission of the U.S. Presidency—without which the United States cannot survive—President Obama must be forced out of office, and all vestiges of the Bush family must be removed. After the experience of eight years of Bush-Cheney, following the earlier 12 years of George H.W. Bush, occupying the posts of Vice President and President, it is an abomination beyond belief that yet another Bush name has reappeared, as a potential Republican Party presidential candidate.

Until such time as Obama is removed from office, and the other legacies of the Bush name are removed, the U.S. presidency will be crippled. Only after such a cleansing can the mission of the Presidency be restored. The Bush family disease did not start with George W. Bush or even with George H.W. Bush. It began with Prescott Bush and his Nazi collusion before and during World War II. That Nazi collusion persists to this day, within the Obama presidency, in the form of former Dick Cheney national security aide Victoria Nuland, who is the Obama Administration’s liaison to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and oligarchs.

The Bush problem was persistent in the Reagan Administration, when Bush was chosen as Vice President. His influence became all-the-more dominant over time, following the attempted assassination of President Reagan, early in his first year in office.

It is this Bush disease, and the shadow of this disease that hangs all over the Obama White House, that is on the edge of causing a war against Russia and in the Persian Gulf.

The deeper truth that cannot be ignored is that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt. The U.S. and Western Europe are bankrupt, and the surrounding areas are mush, as the result of that reality.

The United States is facing an existential decision: Either a qualified U.S. President is elected, after the early ouster of President Obama from office by constitutional means, or the only hope for U.S. survival is to cut some kind of a deal with Russia and China, both to avoid war, and to enter into the Eurasian BRICS process.

All of Hillary Clinton’s problems stem from the fact that she made a bad choice, accepting Obama’s poison pill offer to join the administration as Secretary of State. Had she stayed in the U.S. Senate, with the backing of 16 million Democratic voters, she would have retained her independence, deepened her experience, and avoided the trap that she was drawn into by associating with the Obama Administration.

Fortunately, we now have a pre-candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination—Martin O’Malley—who is doing the right thing, putting policy above personality, and setting the basis for the United States to enter the new global paradigm, being set in place by the BRICS, the AIIB and the growing array of nations entering into that new “win-win” arrangement. This is the rejection of geopolitics of war. This is the proper basis for creating a new U.S. government and putting the United States back on the course of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton.

To restore a genuine American presidency, the Obama-Bush League must be removed, before they start yet another insane war. The recent actions of Bibi Netanyahu have opened the gates for the Republican yahoos to start a new war in the Persian Gulf.

So, the time has come to get rid of Obama. He should be forced to resign tomorrow. The cheerful effect, of such an action, would both guarantee war prevention, and set the basis for restoring the historic mission of the U.S. Presidency, as envisioned by Franklin and Hamilton, and enshrined in our Federal Constitution.