Resolution: Mankind Is The Only Creative Species!

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The Schiller Institute Conference in Frankfurt, Germany unanimously adopted this Resolution on Oct. 19.

Mankind experiences presently a deep civilizational crisis, where the foundations of society in many parts of the world have eroded, and established codes of international relations have broken down.

On top of this, we are faced with mortal dangers, each of which could lead to the potential extinction of the human species.

• First is the Ebola pandemic, which is already out of control in Africa, for which there is no cure, and which is threatening to become worse than the Black Death of the 14th Century.

• Second is the terrorist threat for the wholeworld, and genocide spreading from the so-called IS Caliphate, not only demonstrating a subhuman barbarism, but explicitly threatening Russia and China, and therefore, becoming the potential trigger to blowup all of Southwest Asia, and even lead to a newworld war.

• Third is the absolute certainty that the completely bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system is about to blow up, threatening also to throw much of the world into a Dark Age.

In light of these three mortal dangers, it is a question of life and death for humanity to stop the immoral and imbecilic policies of geopolitics and confrontation against Russia and China. Instead, we have to shift the agenda to the common aims of mankind, and work together with Russia, China, India, and other nations, to defeat these mortal threats.

We call on all forces of reason in Europe and the United States, to join the emerging new economic order of the BRICS and the New Silk Road. Let’s work to establish an inclusive peace order, with the participation of every nation on the planet, a peace order for the 21st Century, worthy of mankind as the only known creative species in the universe. Let us grow up into the adult age of humanity, where love, creativity, and beauty define the values of our common human family.