People’s Daily: “Zepp-LaRouche – China’s Contribution to the Cause of Human Rights”

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July 17, 2014 (EIRNS) — People’s Daily Chinese-language online edition, this week carried Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s opinion piece on the West’s hypocrisy on “human rights.” The article was solicited by People’s Daily in order to respond to all the Western criticism about China’s “human rights record.” It has already been circulated to other Chinese websites. The text is as follows:

Look at China’s Contribution to the Cause of Human Rights (international forum)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche

July 16, 2014

China has done more for human rights than any other country on the planet. China through its own efforts has brought between tens of millions to hundreds of millions people from poverty to a standard, maintaining a level of economic development such that the world has every reason to be optimistic about China’s future.

China has done more for human rights than any other country on the planet. Ever since 1978 with the “reform and opening up” policy, a large part of the population has been able to shake off poverty and today can enjoy a comfortable life. The fact is obvious to everyone that not only have the people in the coastal regions and in the south enjoyed the fruits of an economic miracle, admired by the whole world, but also poverty in the rural areas and in the inner and western regions has been significantly reduced. With the intended New Silk Road Economic Belt of President Xi Jinping and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road being a strategy to be implemented, China has every chance to eradicate poverty in the not far distant future.

Poverty is one of the most severe threats to human rights. Poverty means hunger, lack of adequate medical care, poor housing, lack of opportunities for personal development, and a shortening of life in general. China by its own efforts made it possible that several tens of millions to hundreds of millions of people have escaped from poverty and attained today a decent standard of living. By maintaining the present direction of development, the world has reason to be optimistic about China’s future.

It’s not difficult to see that the Western notion of “human rights” is greatly distorted, mixing up the individualistic and egoistic “freedom” with the notion of the common good. During a recent period there appeared in the northwest of China “street revolts,” similarly to what has occurred in Ukraine, Thailand, and other places, which were antagonistic to society and encouraging revolt, well financed by western NGOs, who manipulated them, using the catchwords of “pluralistic society” as a cover, and raising the banner of “democracy’ and “human rights.” In reality all of this was the Western countries’ policy of regime change, motivated by Western political interests in the region. Their declaration of a “pluralistic society” is merely a synonym for the right to subvert a country which disagrees with the position of the West.

For some in the West, the“human rights issue” is sheer hypocrisy, rather showing their intent to preserving their own regional interests, and manifesting in many instances a clear double standard. For example, in the Ukraine crisis, the Western nations attitude toward Russia has clearly exhibited such a double standard.

(The author is the founder of the Schiller Institute)