Reflections Upon Entering a New Year – 2014: A Choice Between Two Systems

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By Leni Rubinstein

Dec. 30, 2013. The stage is set for truly dramatic and decisive developments in the year ahead of us, in which year there is no doubt that the future pathway for mankind will be chosen.

Two opposing systems are fueling the current historical process: One, a dying and decaying system, is the trans-Atlantic system, in the grip of and run and controlled by the global financial oligarchy centered in the City of London and its junior partner in Wall Street. The other system, the trans-Asia perspective, is oriented towards building infrastructure in-depth and of increasing the physical productivity to secure the basis for the future development of mankind, is led by the efforts of China and Russia in collaboration with other nations. The former, the collapsing system, increases the danger of war, the latter – of development – lays the foundation for peace.

The rate of destruction in the trans-Atlantic system is breathtaking. While the physical production is being dismantled, the very means for existence of the populations are being destroyed, and repeated harsh austerity measures against the populations in Europe and the United States are being implemented – all to feed the insane financial bubble. A clear indicator of destruction in Europe (and foreboding of no future) is the rate of unemployment, particular among the youth, which in several countries now is over 50%! [For more details in English, please see: LaRouchePAC Live Webcast, Dec. 6, 2013.] A crucial example of this collapse in the U.S. is the case of Detroit, where tens of thousands of retired workers lost their pensions, when the city was declared bankrupt; and elsewhere in the country similar plans are afoot. Extension of unemployment benefits was declined just last week, and a severe cut in food stamps was implemented in November 2013. The health system is crumbling, millions have lost their health insurance, and Medicare (which is for people above 65 years of age) has been cut. The last phase of Lyndon LaRouche’s famous ‘Triple Curve Function’ which we have displayed for years on the homepage of this website, is truly playing out. And, as this function shows: the rate of destruction is accelerating.

Meanwhile, the trans-Asia perspective, based on collaboration among nations for mutual development, is gaining steam. China has undergone an impressive transformation in recent years with the building of its internal basic infrastructure of transport corridors, water management projects and energy production, while at the same time increasing its collaboration for development into south-east Asia, central Asia and into the north, to the Arctic. And, not the least, China gave the world a great optimistic gift of the future with the recent landing of Chang’e on the Moon. Russia is collaborating with China in this future-oriented effort, with its policy of building new science cities, new transport corridors, and with the perspective of developing the Arctic and the vast, untouched area of Siberia, all the while strengthening the collaboration for mutual development with the now sovereign nations of the former Soviet Union, like Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine and others.

These developments correspond to the standard for scientific and technological progress set by the United States earlier, but which have now been abandoned. The LaRouche organization inside the United States have for several years mobilized to break the tyranny of the murderous financial system, through re-instating Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law of 1933, and by impeaching President Obama, who is nothing but a puppet of the financial oligarchy. Thanks to this mobilization, bills have been introduced in both U.S. Senate and Congress for Glass-Steagall, and in over half the states resolutions calling for these bills to pass have been introduced. And the mood for impeachment is growing by the day.

We must throw out artificial constructs like Capitalism versus Communism, or East versus West and the like, and ask instead: how do we create a lasting future for mankind. How can we collaborate around a common principle of mutual development, as the foundation for peace and prosperity?

These questions hark back to Confucius’ “Da Tong,” as well as to the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They are reflected in Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s “Three Principles of the People,” which he according to his own accord modeled upon Lincoln’s “of, for and by the people,” and are reflected as well as in Dr. Sun’s “On the International Development of China” from 1919. And, when Chinese President Xi Jin-pin in September during a trip to Kazakstan called for the revival of the old Silk Road, he very importantly reflected these ideas.

I wish to conclude with two quotes about fusion energy which are reflecting the two opposite perspectives regarding the future: first from puppet-president Obama (Virginia September 2010): “We wouldn’t need new technologies. We wouldn’t need to invent some fancy fusion energy or anything. We just take our existing building stock and homes and insulate them, have new windows, schools, hospitals, a lot of big institutions, we could squeeze huge efficiencies out of that.”

In contrast, President Xi, during an April 2011 visit to China’s superconducting Tokamak, said the following: “Fusion is a grand conception. Humankind cannot do without energy for its existence and development, and energy utilization won’t be sustainable without science and technology. Fusion research will pave a bright way for humankind in energy alternatives.”

Let’s do everything in our power to ensure, that the pathway chosen in 2014, will be built upon the inalienable rights of man and Tian Xia Wei Gong.