LaRouche: “No Military Action In Syria; Thermonuclear Danger Too Grave”

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August 29th, 2013

1. Any U.S. attack on Syria has the potential to trigger a larger war, which could lead to a thermonuclear war and extinction. This threat is so serious that any other considerations in favor of U.S. military action against Syria must be rejected due to this overwhelming danger.

Lyndon LaRouche on Syria and the threat of thermonuclear war. Claims that the Administration has “understandings” with Russia and Iran to prevent such an escalation must be dismissed as unreliable, particularly when weighed against the threat of military action leading to world war and the likelihood of the use of thermonuclear weapons.

2. The Syrian events must be seen from the standpoint that the world system today is dominated by an imperial system with historical roots in Europe dating back to the sacking of Troy and the emergence of the Roman Empire. The sickness of Europe which prevails to this day in the form of the modern Anglo-Dutch global monetarist system dominates the habits of the world. The British Crown is on record promoting a policy of mass population reduction from the current level of 7 billion people down to 1-2 billion. President Obama is a tool of this international group, represented in the United States by the Wall Street combination. Thermonuclear war must be prevented absolutely, and a military strike against Syria, no matter how limited in scope, brings the world substantially closer to such a war.

3. The present Anglo-Dutch global financial system is headed ultimately towards a general bankruptcy. It is coming soon, and this is driving a desperate faction among the Anglo-Dutch to contemplate an escalation to global war. The fact that there is serious movement in the United States and in other parts of the world towards a Glass Steagall solution to the global bankruptcy collapse is further driving Wall Street into a panic.

4. The threatened consequences of a Syria strike add to the fact that there is no basis in international law or U.S. Constitutional law for President Obama to launch strikes against Syria. Defeat Obama on Syria and he will go ape. He must be removed from office for cause and the fact that he is contemplating an attack on Syria, knowing the potential consequences, is in itself sufficient cause.

5. The U.S. military has been decimated through more than a decade of long wars. The logic of the U.S. buildup against Russia and China is moving the world towards a Pacific thermonuclear war. Once the fuse is lit with even a limited military strike against Syria, the situation immediately moves out of control.

6. Prevent this Syria attack at all costs, implement Glass Steagall immediately and new prospects for global stability are immediately available. The United States has the opportunity to partner with China. The world is a mess and we need a factor of stability. The Chinese know that a further collapse of Europe and the United States assures the collapse of China. Combine Glass Steagall with a cooperative global crash effort to achieve fusion power and the conditions driving the world to a war of extinction can be eliminated altogether.

7. In principle, this looming war can be stopped by a relatively small number of people who understand how to carry out an effective flanking operation. The logic of the current Obama policy trajectory is that, if you let it run its course, we are in danger of thermonuclear war. Russia has been put in a corner and any further actions can provoke an unrestrained response. So far, Putin, although he is in a touchy situation, is acting with restraint.