2013: The Year Where the Common Aims of Mankind Supersede War and Chaos, and Create the Basis for Lasting Peace

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A most serious challenge is facing mankind. Fifty years after the Cuban missile crisis, our civilization is facing the danger of global confrontation, with the potential of escalation into thermonuclear war. In recent years we have witnessed an intensifying policy of so-called ‘regime-change’, turning Iraq into a rubble-field, Libya into anarchy, and Afghanistan into a ‘drug-haven’ nightmare. The Near and Middle East threaten to become a new Balkans, with existing alliances sparking a wildfire, just as before World War I. The push for ‘regime-change’ in Syria coupled with the tension between Syria and Turkey; the possibility for an attack on Iran, the expansion of NATO’s anti-missile defense shield, and the deployment of U.S. Aircraft carriers into the Western Pacific, are all developments that have the potential for unleashing a war in which thermonuclear weapons are deployed.

The dynamic behind the war danger is also driven by the accelerating collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system. Unlimited bail-out of the banks and hyper-inflationary money-printing in Europe and the United States, combined with brutal austerity against the population and the real physical economy, is escalating the crisis. This process has already had a life-shortening effect upon millions of people in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and threatens to plunge Europe into uncontrollable social chaos – for China, who has most of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. dollar and the Euro, such a hyper-inflationary process poses a great danger as well.

The question is, whether the human species will be intelligent enough to change course in time. Whether the currently ruinous paradigm in the West, that seeks to consolidate a world empire, and which claims that war is a legitimate way of solving geopolitical conflicts, whether this ruinous paradigm can be replaced with a paradigm that will ensure human survival?

To introduce a new paradigm, we need a vision for the future. A vision, that is based on the principle of the Peace of Westphalia and of ‘大同’ (Da Tong), ‘mutual development’ and ‘the advantage of the other’, and we must begin by defining the common aims of mankind, namely, how do we secure the sustainable existence over time of the human species. We need a plan for peace in the 21st century, a vision which inspires the imagination and hopes of mankind in a profound way, and one which will replace the current moral and cultural crisis with a new renaissance.

Under 物理經濟 (Physical Economy) the Chinese EIR has outlined the vision for the World Land-Bridge. This vision must be fully realized. We now have all the scientific and technological means needed to overcome poverty and hunger in the world, and they must be used. There are large areas in the world where the lack of development cries out for solutions, but two especially ‘stands out’: one is the African continent, that never was allowed to recover from centuries of colonial exploitation, the other the Near and Middle East, where a vision for an economic and cultural renaissance in a collaborative effort will introduce an element of reason at a higher level that the various local, ethnic, and historic conflicts.

In November 2012, Lyndon LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, president of the international Schiller Institute, launched an international effort to create a platform for creating such a new paradigm. The Schiller Institute held a two-day international conference near Frankfurt, Germany Nov.24-25 to discuss “A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization”. This was followed by an international conference in New York City January 26, 2013 under the same heading, and sponsored by the Executive Intelligence Review and the Schiller Institute, and more such conferences are being organized in the next months ahead in both Europe and the U.S. For conference proceedings – both video and text (English, German and Spanish) please visit http://newparadigm.schillerinstitute.com

Be an active and direct part in this process

Whether you are a scientist, engineer, researcher, philosopher or artist – in whichever field you have gathered expertise, which you think can contribute to creating a new paradigm necessary to ensuring the survival of human civilization, then please contact us! Like at the times of the high-points of the Chinese civilization or the classical Greece, the world of today needs courageous poets and thinkers that engage their fellow citizen with a higher idea of humanity.