Lyndon LaRouche at 90

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EIR adds its voice to those from around the world who have sent birthday congratulations to our Founder and Contributing Editor, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. As of Sept. 8, this great American thinker, economist, and patriot turned 90 years of age, passing a milestone which few of his generation have reached, and which will be celebrated by patriotic fighters for economic justice and scientific progress all around the world.

Early greetings to LaRouche had already been printed in the Russian political weekly Zavtra, in its Sept. 5 edition. The extensive biographical article published in that edition leads with an expression of “heartfelt congratulations to this outstanding American economist and political figure on his jubilee,” and wishes him “strong health and continued achievements.” The weekly paper, which is read in all layers of the Russian political elite, also publishes a short interview with LaRouche highlighting the danger to the continued existence of the United States which the Obama incumbency represents.

LaRouche’s global role has been particularly appreciated in Russia, because of his determination to create the basis in scientific and technological progress for lasting world peace. LaRouche’s contributions begin with his groundbreaking work in economics, which provides the basis for international cooperation to replace war, and were the decisive element in the creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative program of the 1980s, which had the specific mission of preventing a thermonuclear confrontation between the superpowers. While the Soviet leadership, under British imperial influence, rejected LaRouche’s proposal, a significant portion of the post-Soviet Russian intellectual and political leadership has become a close collaborator of the American statesman.

Those ideas of LaRouche, which rely on an understanding of how man’s unique creative powers give him the basis to constantly develop new powers over nature, in collaboration with his fellow man, are even more desperately needed today than they were in the 1970s and 1980s, when LaRouche first put them forward. Fortunately, leading political and military leaders internationally are working with him and his movement on the top priority: preventing the British Empire and its puppets like Obama, from provoking a thermonuclear war.

LaRouche’s invaluable contributions to man’s future have been felt in many other areas of the world, and fields of endeavor, over the last more than 50 years of his public life. He will be remembered for his prolific economic writings in favor of development in India, South America, Africa, and almost every underdeveloped region of the world. His advocacy of a return to Classical culture, as the key to man’s ability to think—particularly Classical music—has been an inspiration to large sections of the music world, and kept the spark of such a commitment alive.

From “practical” programs—such as the revival of FDR’s Glass-Steagall law—to the vision of man as a creature of the Solar System, which goes back to his 1988 TV ad “The Woman on Mars,” Lyndon LaRouche has profoundly shaped the political and intellectual environment of the world as a whole. The fact that he is simultaneously hated by the British Imperial establishment, which spent millions, if not billions, to imprison and try to kill him, and controls much of the mass media and culture worldwide, only highlights the mark he’s made on the world.

We invite all to join us in wishing that American patriot and world citizen Lyndon LaRouche, a happy birthday, and many more.