The Watergate Stench Gets Worse

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June 22, 2012 (EIR)– One of the more humorous signs of how Barack Obama has fallen, among significant circles, to a position lower than that of the disgraced Richard Nixon, was a cartoon in the Philadelphia Daily News last week. The cartoon shows Nixon looking over Obama’s shoulder; both hold copies of their “Enemies Lists,” but Obama is x-ing his off. Nixon says wistfully, “I wish I’d had drones.”

The question still looms: Will responsible patriots act to remove this President in time to save the United States?

As a nation, we face two imminent existential crises. One is the danger of a London-engineered provocation of a thermonuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia. The other is the threat of a total collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system, accompanied by a physical economic breakdown. In both cases, Obama—otherwise a pathetic, but malignantly narcissistic personality—represents the major obstacle to resolving the crisis, because he is acting as a British stooge. He is blocking Glass-Steagall and pushing war.

There is no question but that Obama is increasingly seen as a threat to the U.S. Constitutional order, domestically and internationally. From his illegal war in Libya, to his pathological use of drone warfare against countless helpless civilians (a policy now coming under attack from the United Nations), to his stated intent to rule without Congress, this President has exposed himself as an individual with the murderous mind, a Nero-personality as Lyndon LaRouche charged three years ago. But many pull back in fear, rather than take on his reckless disregard of the law.

While the safest approach to deal with the world crisis would be to remove Obama by Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, the course being taken now by those willing to take the President on is more indirect and slow. But the buildup toward a Watergate confrontation, with all that implies for the President’s removal, is unmistakable.

On the front burner is Obama’s confrontation with Congress over its investigation of the Fast and Furious gun-walking program, in which the Administration has been caught red-handed lying about its conduct of the program. Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to turn over documents subpoenaed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, unless he receives an agreement that the delivery of the documents would result in a resolution of the investigation. Then on June 20, as the House Committee was preparing to take up a motion for contempt of Congress against the Attorney General, President Obama stepped into the act, declaring Executive privilege over the documents the Committee was requesting.

Now the White House is directly involved in the standoff. And the stench of a coverup, just like in Watergate, is impossible to suppress. As of this writing, the Committee is still meeting on the matter, and it is not known whether Democrats would actually join with the Republicans to cite Holder for contempt. That would only be another step in a slow process of boxing in the White House, one which the Administration would do its best to stall, hoping to survive through the elections. After all, Nixon was not finally forced to resign until after he was re-elected.

We don’t have that luxury with Obama. Whatever the truth about Fast and Furious, he has committed grave offenses against the Constitution which endanger our very lives, and those of humanity as a whole. We need to kick him out of office before the election—and get a real choice.