On This New Year of the Dragon: “Real Wealth • The Endless Frontier”

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Congratulations to the people and nation of China for an extraordinary year already accomplished and an even more miraculous year of the dragon! Despite a moment of absolute crisis where, as economist Lyndon LaRouche has forecast, the international financial system could explode chain-reaction style starting with a disintegration of the Eurozone, and the threat of thermonuclear World War III as a result of British imperial manipulations in Libya, Syria and Iran, there is cause for great optimism given the extraordinary opportunity.

It is for this reason– the potential greatness of the moment– that we would like to wish a year of real wealth to the nation of China and the citizens of the world. Real wealth means accessing that potential immortality of humanity that is unique to the human species. Mankind is only biological on the surface, it is potentially immortal in its very nature. What do we mean by this? From generation to generation and forever, when done correctly, humanity constantly develops, interacting with the great ideas of the ages; changed by the past, shaping the present and determining the future that will in turn change what today really meant all along. America’s first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton outlined the credit system to accomplish this very task. Through a credit system, funds authorized by the U.S. Congress create debts that materialize as magnificent projects that are both beneficial to future generations and develop the mental and productive powers of labor of your citizenry. Priority focus must be placed on investing credit into the frontiers of science, which means fusion rocket technology and a permanent presence for mankind in space.

By asserting its sovereignty in this way, our young republic initially freed itself from British tyranny, and it is a model that any nation must follow if they wish to free themselves from the tyranny of the international London-centered financial empire today! The first emergency step in this process is the reintroduction of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall legislation to end the bailout of the empire by separating the valid commercial and speculative investment banking functions. This is not an option, it is a matter of life and death for the nations of this planet.

What the Chinese people have accomplished economically over the past three decades by uplifting the living conditions of their people, with the construction of an impressive rail system, extraordinary water development projects and the achievement of a functional space program is phenomenal; but, real freedom and wealth can only be obtained through the establishment of national sovereignty and an international credit system. Let this be the year that the United States, China, Russia and the other willing nations of the world enter into long-term treaty agreements based on a credit system for the development of vast projects beneficial to all future mankind. These developments will be the stepping stone for mankind’s “endless frontier”: permanent space colonization.

Toward accomplishing this end, the expanding slate of LaRouche candidates are committed to making this credit system a reality in the weeks ahead. To create the spark that will catalyze the flame which precedes the explosion of never-ending upward progress, this year we wish to the people of China and the world an international system of credit, by which the potential immortal mission of all mankind can proceed.

Tian Xia Wei Gong!