Puppet Emperor Lee Teng-hui

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by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

On the subject of foreign manipulations of Taiwan’s election process which threaten to draw the U.S. and China into military conflict.

January 10, 2000

The current British government and its Christian Solidarity agents in the U.S. Congress and the George W. Bush Presidential campaign, are using the same Japan factions used to launch the previous, 1894 and 1930s military aggressions of Japan against China, using their asset, current Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui, in an effort to stir up a third such aggression. The target of these London-directed attacks, is the tradition of the U.S.-allied Sun Yat-sen, founder of modern China. Those behind Lee Teng-hui’s attacks are the same interests who backed the launching of the two earlier Sino-Japanese wars against China, in 1894-95 and the 1930s.

From my personal knowledge of U.S. and other relevant intelligence circles from the 1980s, I have a well-marked road-map of the British and U.S. complicity in this deployment of exactly those forces within Japan, who were the authors of the first Sino-Japanese war, and who launched the second, despite the opposition from Japan’s Emperor Hirohito.

The pivot of the latest development is the current President of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui, whose role is well-known to me since the late 1980s, and who has made no effort to cover up the fact that he is operating as a de facto agent of those same London-backed forces in Japan who launched the first and second Sino-Japanese wars.

President Lee Teng-hui’s behavior has not improved, but worsened since the late 1980s, when I had my earlier first-hand experience with and knowledge of his role to this effect, most notably his connection to circles associated with former U.S. CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline. President Lee’s behavior, especially during the last half-year, has clearly demonstrated, that he is not representing the interest of the people of Taiwan, but is acting as an agent of influence of certain forces in Japan, Great Britain, and the U.S.A., who are trying to provoke a war between the U.S. and Mainland China.

I am obliged to speak out publicly, to clarify this matter, because of an understandable, but insufficiently clear public statement on this role of President Lee Teng-hui, by high-ranking officials of the government of the People’s Republic of China. When People’s Republic officials say that the current London-backed provocations by President Lee Teng-hui threaten a war across the Taiwan Strait, Beijing officials are speaking nothing but the simple truth; but, their omission of the crucial role of the British monarchy in provoking this danger, tends both to play into the hands of the enemies of the Chinese people, and to confuse the world more generally. Therefore, I am obliged to clarify the present situation by stating what I can report as my expert knowledge of the problems involved.

I should qualify what I have just reported, by emphasizing that my old friend, the late senior U.S. diplomat Stefan Kozak, and I, had a serious falling-out with our Anglophile acquaintance, former CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline, over the policy of using Taiwan’s President Lee Teng-hui for building up this London-directed operation. Yes, there is a Japan tradition rooted in the two earlier Sino-Japanese wars; yes, that tradition is deployed behind President Lee Teng-hui today; yes, there are corrupt U.S. interests acting in support of Japan-backed control over Lee Teng-hui, including the backers of Texas Governor George W. Bush; but, the mother of this is the British monarchy, which orchestrates all of the corrupt, war-mongering U.S.A. and Japan factions involved. Not to pinpoint the British monarchy’s controlling role behind this matter, is to encourage a new Japan-China war, by failing to tell the whole truth of the situation. Before wise men allow themselves to be drawn into war, they first discover who is the enemy which must be defeated.

U.S. China policy

To sum up the strategic situation, as this affects U.S.-China relations, I state the following:

A new form of cooperation among a multi-polar group of nations, including China, India, Russia, the U.S.A., and key nations of western continental Europe, is the most vital long-term economic interest of the U.S.A. The perspective of improved future relations developed among China, India, Russia, and other nations during the administration of Russian Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov, represented a step toward a new form of global economic cooperation including many nations, including the U.S.A. and key nations, such as Germany, France, and Italy, of western continental Europe. This requires a return to the proven precedent of the 1944-1958 phase of the previous Bretton Woods agreements, but, this time, with a leading role, as principal partners, by China, India, and other so-called developing nations. Since the crisis of 1997, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad has taken steps which represent invaluable, and successfully tested precedents for broader action in this specific direction.

On the other hand, if such cooperation among such a multi-polar assembly of nations does not emerge soon, this entire planet will be plunged, very soon, into the worst “dark age” of chaos and general depopulation in known history.

The form of this multi-polar cooperation must be that envisaged by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt before his most untimely death. Then, China and Russia should have been among the principal powers and partners of the U.S.A. in shaping the world’s postwar monetary and economic system. With Roosevelt’s death, Churchill prevailed, imperialism was restored, and what came to be known as the developing nations, became reduced to second- or third-rate, colonial or semi-colonial, appendages of an Anglo-American form of thinly disguised global neo-colonialism. The follies of abandoning the original Bretton Woods system, and replacing it with a lunatic “floating exchange-rate system,” during 1971-1972, have brought the world’s financial and monetary systems to their impending, inevitable self-termination. Now, we shall either replace this presently bankrupt current world financial, monetary, and economic system, with an appropriate new system, or civilization as we have known it will soon disintegrate worldwide.

This gives cooperation with China, India, and Russia a new, more profound quality of strategic importance for the world as a whole, and the United States in particular. There is no margin for tolerating any of the varieties of strategic lunacy associated with irrational fanatics such as former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, or the current Blair government of the United Kingdom.

The central characteristic of the new, multi-polar world monetary system which must be established by emergency action, is a long-term perspective of the use of long-term low-cost credit, to provide the so-called developing nations of the world with the capital improvements needed to foster a revolutionary increase of the productive powers of labor, per capita and per square kilometer, especially in the so-called developing nations, including such keystone nations as China and India. This quality of partnership represents, among other things, the only rational definition of the strategic self-interest of my United States.

However, as since the U.S. War of Independence, there are those, not only the British monarchy, but also the financier oligarchy of the U.S.A., who would rather send the whole world to Hell, than allow President Franklin Roosevelt’s policy for global, postwar cooperation to be realized. The backers of Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui are agents of precisely such forces.

A London-directed Japan war against China

During the first and second Sino-Japanese wars, the London-directed, anti-U.S.A. war party in Japan, struck north against China and Russia, building a captive base around the former heir of the China imperial dynasty in so-called Manchuria, for the general effort of the conquest and dismemberment of an enslaved China as a whole. During the 1920s, when the British and the Japan war-party were allied for naval warfare against the U.S.A., the Anglo-Japanese allies drew up war plans for a joint attack on the U.S.A. The attack on Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7, 1941, was an outgrowth of those earlier British-Japan plans for a joint aggression against the U.S.A. U.S. war plans “Red” and “Orange” addressed those known war plans of the London-Japan alliance.

Today, those who share the heritage of the 1920s London-Japan naval war plans against the U.S.A., have selected Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui to replace the puppet-role of the former boy-emperor of China in the earlier, second Japanese aggression against China.

When the government of the People’s Republic of China warned that the current puppet-role of Taiwan President Lee threatened a new war, they spoke the truth. The problem was, that China’s government failed to emphasize the crucial role of the British monarchy and its Christian Solidarity puppets in the U.S.A., in threatening China with a casus belli. Therefore, I must speak to clarify the situation.

Therefore, I report as follows on the latest strategic provocation by the anti-China war party of London and its U.S. Christian Solidarity and kindred puppets, the operation against the forces representing the Sun Yat-sen tradition in Taiwan, as typified by President Lee Teng-hui’s dishonorable targetting of the most honorable James Soong.

When it became apparent, that former Governor of Taiwan James Soong, now Independent Presidential Candidate for the March 18 election, was leading in the polls by a wide margin, the government of incumbent President Lee Teng-hui launched a political smear campaign against Soong. President Lee fabricated a series of obvious lies against James Soong, lies designed to destroy his chances to win the election, and to boost Chen Shui-bian, the candidate of that Democratic Progressive Party whose pronounced goal is the independence of Taiwan and a Japan-backed military conflict with China.

The Lee Teng-hui Finance Ministry of Paul Chui, in a naked misuse of power, published charges against James Soong’s private accounts, and accounts in the name of some family members. An additional report by some departments of the KMT, recklessly accused Soong of “forgery, breach of trust, and embezzlement.” Japan-backed President Lee went so far as to spread lies accusing Soong of being a “traitor,” “thief,” and “shameless.”

According to James Soong, one of the accounts in question, contains monies (NT $140 millions–U.S. $4.43 millions) given to him by President Lee Teng-hui himself! It is reported that, in 1992, when Soong was still the KMT secretary general, President Lee instructed him to set up a fund to care for the family of former President Chiang Ching-kuo.

In the meantime, to President Lee’s embarrassment, a probe by legislator Hsieh Chi-ta of the New Party, into the accusations against Soong, found that Soong has neither embezzled money from the KMT, nor forged documents, and was not involved in a breach of trust, nor money-laundering, nor dodging donation taxes, nor income taxes. Furthermore, it is uncontested that the money which Lee instructed Soong to use for the Chiang family, has not been used for other purposes, and is still sitting–intact!–in the account.

These facts of the matter suggest that, if President Lee is not suffering from senile loss of memory, he must be lying about the entire matter.

So, despite the fact that no wrongdoing could be proven against James Soong, the smear campaign against him was used to create a negative effect on his ratings in the polls. This libel and slander campaign gave Soong’s opponents Chen Shui-bian from the DPP and Lien Chan from the KMT, an ill-deserved boost.

Prince Philip and Transparency International

One has only to study how the British-monarchy-directed so-called “Operation Clean Hands,” has been used to destroy the entire political system in Italy. How the same fraudulent method was used to destroy the potential Presidential campaign of Primakov in Russia, and how the same method is being used presently in Germany, in an effort to destabilize the political institutions in Germany by playing up scandals around former Chancellor Kohl. The common denominator of operations such as those against Taiwan’s James Soong, is to be found in the same type of operations of the British monarchy, deployed in aid of Britain’s exports of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “mad cow” meat into continental Europe. Thus, Blair’s campaign against France’s Strauss-Kahn and against Spain, helps the world to see the common denominator in all these cases.

In all these cases, these smear campaigns which pretend to be concerned with “corruption,” mix facts with fantasy, and are associated with an organization called “Transparency International,” a tool of the oligarchical financial forces behind globalization, in their war against the sovereign nation-state. This campaign is associated with such individuals as Prince Philip and Philip’s admirer Al Gore.

Acting transparently as a tool of these foreign forces, the Lee Finance Ministry went a step further in its terror campaign against Soong. Despite the discreditation of its previous charges, it manufactured a new charge in December, talking about another “mystery account”–a clear attempt to scare away financial contributors to the Soong campaign. The accusation by his two opponents, Chen and Lien, that Soong received funds from Beijing, is believed by only 6% of the population, and is generally dismissed as a dirty trick.

President Lee, whose affinity with such people as Tokyo’s Governor Shintaro Ishihara has long been known, started to escalate his recent provocations immediately following a successful seminar that took place in Hong Kong in early July, on the “Peaceful Reunification of the People’s Republic of China.” That conference was attended by some 200 scholars and noted figures from both the Mainland and Taiwan, as well as some international guests. Lee detonated his bombshell about the “state-to-state” relations, during what were virtually the concluding hours of that conference.

Lee obviously felt encouraged to engage in this provocation following NATO’s bombing of China’s Belgrade embassy. The increase in sale of advanced weapons systems by the U.S. to Taiwan (the U.S. has tentatively agreed to sell AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles to Taiwan), as well as the introduction of the so-called “Taiwan Security Enhancement Act,” which was introduced into the U.S. Senate in March, are part of the context of Lee’s provocations. That bill, which calls for extending U.S. military intervention in the Taiwan Straits, by including Taiwan in the proposed “Theater Missile Defense” (TMD) system, was introduced in the Senate by Senators Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) and Robert Torricelli (D-New Jersey), and was co-sponsored by Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska). The orchestration of Lee’s provocations is underscored by the fact that Murkowski, with Senator Trent Lott (R-Mississippi) and others, was the key sponsor of President Lee’s tour in the U.S. in 1995. A similar bill was introduced into the House of Representatives.

Also related is the fact, that, on August 14, Texas Governor George W. Bush declared, that if he were to become President, he might choose to defend Taiwan by force. Bush said, that the U.S. must be “tough and resolute” when dealing with China as a “strategic rival.”

Continuing that pattern of war-mongering by the British monarchy’s U.S. assets, on August 11, the director of the former China asset-handling office of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) proclaimed: “Based on the `Law on Relations with Taiwan,’ the U.S. Pacific Command always has a war plan ready for intervening in the military situation in the Taiwan Straits.” Regarding the present situation, he said that if Beijing “intends to punish” Taiwan, the U.S. will consider making a military response. During the same time, two carriers of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, the “Kitty Hawk” and the “Constellation,” conducted exercises in the South China Sea, close to the Taiwan Straits.

In August, after Lee’s provocative statement on the “state-to-state” relation, a discussion flared up about the inclusion of Taiwan in the TMD. A series of extremely stern warnings was published in military publications on the Mainland. In unusually sharp language, these articles wished to remind readers of the fact, that previous military engagements of the U.S. in the region did not end so well for the United States. It was stated, that when China assisted Korea and Vietnam against the “apparently powerful U.S. aggressors,” they were “eventually defeated.” It was stated that, today, if the U.S. were to engage militarily because of Taiwan, the U.S. would be “operating far from home, [with] its supply lines too long, and [unable to] win a war of attrition.” One should not be surprised if the logic of those utterances is more than a bit strained. Such statements should be read as intended to convey a sense of the anger which British assets in Washington are stirring up within China.

The circles in Japan, Britain, and the U.S., such as those formerly associated with retired CIA Deputy Director Ray Cline and his “China Spring” operation, have fanned the flames, and continue to encourage the fraudulent operations of the Lee government against James Soong. Such people are as foolish children, so amused by the games they are playing, that they overlook the fact that the matches with which they play, and the tinder amidst which they are sitting, are both real. The only thing they can accomplish by encouraging the so-called independence of Taiwan, is to throw yet another part of the world into chaos. Furthermore, they are in the exact tradition of the forces who were responsible for the first and second Japan wars against China.

Contrary to such fools and their foolishness, back in the real world, it is a fundamental interest of the U.S., to support the policy of Sun Yat-sen for China today, as this has always been the policy of leading U.S. patriots. Sane U.S. officials will continue to promote a peaceful reunification, by the people of China themselves. If we put the foolish meddlers, such as George W. Bush, back into playpens where they can do no more harm, unification will occur according to the rules which the sovereign People’s Republic of China has repeatedly set forth, and has, so far, peacefully honored. It is in the vital strategic interest of the U.S.A., and of the peoples of Asia, that that effort should succeed.