Sun Yat Sen: A True American Spirit

Leni Rubinstein address to Grand Pacific Alliance Conference"Rescuing Civilization from the Brink: China and America for the Next 150 Years,"  San Francisco, CA, October 29, 2011.

The Battle Has Just Begun

The 264 Congressmen who voted to support Obama’s fascist coup, have committed an act of treason, whether they are conscious of it or not.  If the implications of this vote are allowed to stand, and Obama is allowed to have his way, the total destruction of the United States will occur in very short order. By virtue of the mass of deaths of American citizens and others around the world which will occur as a result, those who voted in support of Obama now find themselves with blood on their hands. And just as was said in the tribunals at Nuremberg, ignorance is no excuse: Known, or should have known.

The support for this emergency decree, for Obama’s enabling acts, is an act of treason, a criminal violation of the US Constitution. This vote represents the nullification of every essential feature of our federal constitutional system, and the loss of the United States as a free and independent republic is now assured unless this President is called to account for this treasonous crime committed on behalf of the British monarchy.

The coup we warned you about, is now here. The British Empire is out to eliminate any and all opposition to its power, as the world financial system comes down. Obama was planted in the White House with only one purpose: the destruction of the United States. He has blocked every effort to assert our sovereign, constitutional right to protect our people in the face of the enemy. He has opposed the orderly reorganization of the gambling debts accrued by London and Wall Street. He has colluded with a foreign power to orchestrate an environment of terror to force through this fascist coup. He has formed an unconstitutional body, in the form of a Supercongress, to dictate fascist austerity against American citizens. He has eliminated the power of democratically elected representatives to challenge, debate, or amend these murderous cuts. And he has declared that the Congress has no option but to concede their legally mandated power, to grant him and his chosen committee of twelve total and ultimate control over the lives and destinies of our people.

And, last night, in an act of high treason, the Congress conceded to this dictatorship.

LaRouche PAC and the six candidate LaRouche Democratic slate is calling on all Americans to join us immediately to oppose this dictatorial coup. We have only one weapon for the strategic defense of this nation: the immediate reenactment of Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall will bring our enemies to their knees by bankrupting the British system, and will finally restore the sovereignty of the American constitutional republic. Only the full and total commitment to this piece of legislation, will give us the power to head off this fascist coup d’etat. The Democrats have failed. The Republicans have failed. Now it‘s those patriots who are willing fight beside Lyndon LaRouche and the six LaRouche candidates, who have the moral authority to lead this nation. To throw Obama out of office, to halt his Hitler coup, and to defend the constitution of this republic against our enemies in the British Empire.

The battle -- has just begun. We will not give up this war.

Video Tour of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA)

Originally planned in the 1950's and 1960's, the initial NAWAPA plan is a series of projects designed to take large amounts of fresh water from Alaska and the Canadian Yukon, divert it before its runoff into the Pacific Ocean, channel it through Canada, into the United States, and all the way to northern Mexico. This would be achieved by a series of dams, canals, tunnels, lakes, and pump lifts, guiding the water down the continent, allowing for the potential irrigation of an estimated 86,000 square miles, transforming the arid landscape along the way.

As by the intention of the original NAWAPA design, some of the most severe water shortages of the United States could be solved. For example, large amounts of water can be added to the desperate water systems of California. It could reverse the depletion of the massive Ogallala Aquifer, which is supplying a diminishing amount of fossil ground water to millions of acres of farm land in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and other states. Water would even be diverted into the Great Lakes system, refilling the supply in the Eastern United States. In total, the majority of all the States in our Union will receive direct benefits in terms of water supplies.